Mario's Cloudscape


To celebrate World Meteorological Day 2017 with the theme “Understanding Clouds” and their launch of the International Cloud Atlas, I created my own Cloudscape Photography micro-site. It depicts my photos of the sky and clouds over the years, mostly with my iPhone (4/5/6s). Each photo is tagged with the appropriate clouds visible in the photo (and a few other weather phenomenons). You can browse by Cloud Type and other weather phenomenons in the menu at the top. You can also search by typing in a certain cloud type (and even combining multiples to find them together).

Personally there is something special about the sky. That fact that the sky changes every day (or in many cases every hour) is absolutely fascinating to me. Clouds have this ability to completely change the light, tone and ‘atmosphere’ where one stands at any given point. Do not be fooled by a rainy and overcast sky. There is still something magical about it.

This project draws inspiration by the “Clouds 365” project by Kelly DeLay.

When are new photos added?
I plan on uploading new photos as soon as I capture them (at least 1 once a week).

Why do some photos look edited?
Yeah .. about that! When I first used Instagram I edited my photos heavily. Since 2015 I stopped doing that since I’d rather prefer the originality of the photo. However, I still kept those edited photos in this collection.

What happens if I find a photo that is tagged incorrectly?
There is a good chance that you probably found a photo where the tags are incorrect or missing. Contact me below and let me know what photo it is and what the tags should be and I will correct it 🙂

Can I download and use your photos?
Yes you can! All photos published on this project are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes. You can always let me know how and what you plan on using the photos for 🙂

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